19 November - 18 December, 2015

Brought Something Back presented a series of new work by Blue Firth referencing broad encounters with historical narratives, and encouraging changes in perception through alterations within the built environment. What predominantly starts as a research-based practice for the artist, manifests as staged physical forms, using illusionary patterns, bold graphics and abstracted motifs. Firth has recently begun to employ various natural and composite materials to explore representations of occult and esoteric knowledge in popular culture within architectural terms. Approximating interior settings and architectural styles, objects and surfaces are warped and subverted, suggesting possible domestic settings in ‘other’ states, embellished with heightened ritual and arcane practices. Referencing psychedelia, the X-Files and out-dated decorative methods, Firth’s concerns remain within the possibilities that space and form may affect and be affected.

Firth is a recent alumni from the Royal Academy Schools and exhibits widely in the UK and abroad including major site specific commissions with Contemporary Art Society for the Canal and River Trust; with Nottingham Contemporary at Newstead Abbey and at CAC Vilnius in Lithuania as part of her practice with Tomas Chaffe as ViaVaudeville! She has also participated in exhibitions at Copenhagen Place and the Royal Academy of Arts Architecture Space in London and at Johann König Gallery in Berlin. Firth is represented by SYSON and last year, the gallery presented her work at The Manchester Contemporary. This is her first solo exhibition with the gallery.