25 September - 24 October, 2015

‘I guess, anything can become interesting if you look at long enough’ begins with a pebble found whilst the artist was walking along a small stream between two mountains in the Lake District. It was pocketed, taken back to the artist’s studio. There it remained on a small ledge adjacent to his desk, directly in front of his line of site, next to the window on to the outside world. The pebble has a vague rendition of a human face visible in it, if looked at from the correct angle, caused by water erosion and natural wear over time. Much like the Makapansgat Pebble; a cultural object found during an archaeological dig in a cave in South Africa. Its placement in the earth’s strata dates it at ca.3,000,000 BP. The significance of this object puts a marker towards the capacity for symbolic thinking - an important attribute towards the beginning of conscious thought and language.

The sculptures in this exhibition revolve around the artist studio, the event of making work and experiences that shape the understanding of things in the world. They are representations of objects which may feel invisible, or be in constant change/movement. They evoke tangible imagery of consciousness and thought for the artist, influenced by greater awareness of bodily presence, through a meditative process gained through sitting in a space and becoming aware of surroundings.

OLIVER TIRRÉ lives and works in Nottingham, after graduating from Nottingham Trent University’s Fine Art course in 2012. He is an active studio member at One Thoresby Street Studios and recently curated a series of events with fellow studio member, Alice Gale-Feeny, for the Attic programme under the title of GROUND. Over the last eighteen months he has participated in exhibitions and projects both in the UK and internationally, including SMALL Rome at Frutta, Italy (curated by Adam Carr); Vivarium, Liverpool (curated by MODEL) ; Exeter Contemporary Open at Exeter Phoenix, 2014 and Sunscreen, an online project for EM15 for Venice Biennale curated by Candice Jacobs this summer . He took part in the residencies at Summer Lodge, Nottingham Trent University and at Hotel MariaKapel, Holland. This is Tirré’s first solo exhibition. Forthcoming in 2016: Solo Portfolio for Used Paper, curated by Hilary Crisp; Alternative 24 at IMT gallery curated by Nathaniel Pitt & Mark Jackson; and Est 1690 #3 at Division of Labour, Worcester. Oliver Tirré is represented by SYSON.