25 March - 21 May, 2016


Newling's recent series of Last Island paintings offers us a map of its unseen territories. These lustrous, beautiful works shimmering with gold leaf and layers of worked and reworked paint surfaces allows us to glimpse the world beneath our feet, the soil which not only sustains life but feeds our particular identity.

Richard Davey.

this exhibition is currently on display at our new venue at Union Chambers, 19 Weekday Cross

Photos: Louise Haywood-Shiefer

nature's ape

18 June - 4 September 2016

Nature’s Ape is a seasonal programme at Syson Gallery curated for The Grand Tour Season 2, which takes its cue from Giambattisa della Porta’s ‘Natural Magick’; a 16th Century account on the relationship between art, the artist and nature. This series of events invoke the role of magician as both artist and nature’s assistant. It concentrates upon artists’ interpretations of the natural world and the sublime, against a background and awareness of contemporary scientific knowledge and technological development and innovation. Many of the works featured will focus will upon an artist’s interpretation of darkness or light – either aping nature in some way; taking on board philosophical connotations; responding to architectural space or studying phenomena through scientific means.

In addition to a comprehensive group exhibition and film programme, events will also take place in the most commonly occurring, yet mysterious vernacular structures in Nottingham: the man made sandstone caves which lie beneath many buildings or at street level in the city centre. Participating artists include Berndnaut Smilde, Jeremy Millar, Mimei Thompson, Blue Firth, John Newling, Paul Harraway, S Mark Gubb.

Images above courtesy the artists.